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Green Homes

Our Green Homes of Costa Rica initiative is focused on creating a sustainable approach to recycling through the construction of homes in impoverished communities.

These communities unfortunately are the most neglected when it comes to waste management. Partly by the government but also by the lack of education provided. Our approach to this endeavor is based on the premise that the impact on the livelihood of families in need along with education on the importance of recycling will in turn create sustainable recycling programs through these communities. Our homes are simple builds which can take up to 72 hours to build with a team of 10 volunteers.

These homes are built with EcoBlocks. EcoBlocks are made of an environmentally friendly structural concrete element. It is produced with regenerated plastic particles that are mixed with sand and cement forming an element of high strength and durability.

This provides a solution to the problem with plastics that are damaged beyond the ability to be reused as bottles. Instead, through this technology wasted plastic can now be used as part of the raw material for construction.